At the mercy of wind..

A windy afternoon stroll during fall 2019, all trees in my surrounding had completely shed. Except one tree that drew my attention. It had one leaf, hanging, dear to life.

In life we have time to renew, recharge and revive, letting go and rest. So in nature too this was time to let go. But what was different with this one leaf!

It was 5-10 mph wind gust and this one leaf! Still it was at the mercy of the wind.

Let us look at it this way, was the wind not strong enough to break the leaf stalk? Or was there resistance in the leaf to let go or may be the tree wanted to hold on to the last one. Or the leaf wanted to hold on little longer. So many questions and possibilities. But the leaf alone knows what it was undergoing.

In life to there are external circumstances (wind), so many things to let go (leaf) and then only one thing remains the character (tree), strongly rooted. Are we holding on to something that eventually has to be let go off as it no longer serves the purpose or it has served its purpose and now it is time to let it go and how easy was it to let go. Or something was clinging on to us.

Life is a paradox, isn’t it! Just one experience made me think a lot living the experience of the wind, the leaf and the tree, all at the same time.

So is the leafs purpose done? After it detaches, some might be carried by wind eventually landing somewhere. Some may fall back to the ground and help renew the tree from which it fell.

I too do not have all the answers, do you…?!

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