Tending to my garden

In the garden of life, we all want vibrant, fragrance rich relationships. And are disappointed if the expectations are not met. For example, roses comes with thorns. However careful we are, we sometimes get caught in the thorn and from then we tend to become more cautious. The rose plant did not change itself. Its stimuli did.

Similarly some relationship lessons leave deep impressions and impacts us a lot, that sometimes diverts our course for the good.

Some are like weeds. Weeds are very good and have medicinal properties. Unknowingly if we chew on a bitter one and think all are bad. Weeds have cycles of harvesting and if we know this, it benefits us. So in this case we need to care for the weeds that will benefit us when the time is right to harvest.

We need to remember, “We sow, is what we reap”. So tend to the garden of thoughts and emotions with more love and discernment.

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