At the mercy of wind..

A windy afternoon stroll during fall 2019, all trees in my surrounding had completely shed. Except one tree that drew my attention. It had one leaf, hanging, dear to life.

In life we have time to renew, recharge and revive, letting go and rest. So in nature too this was time to let go. But what was different with this one leaf!

It was 5-10 mph wind gust and this one leaf! Still it was at the mercy of the wind.

Let us look at it this way, was the wind not strong enough to break the leaf stalk? Or was there resistance in the leaf to let go or may be the tree wanted to hold on to the last one. Or the leaf wanted to hold on little longer. So many questions and possibilities. But the leaf alone knows what it was undergoing.

In life to there are external circumstances (wind), so many things to let go (leaf) and then only one thing remains the character (tree), strongly rooted. Are we holding on to something that eventually has to be let go off as it no longer serves the purpose or it has served its purpose and now it is time to let it go and how easy was it to let go. Or something was clinging on to us.

Life is a paradox, isn’t it! Just one experience made me think a lot living the experience of the wind, the leaf and the tree, all at the same time.

So is the leafs purpose done? After it detaches, some might be carried by wind eventually landing somewhere. Some may fall back to the ground and help renew the tree from which it fell.

I too do not have all the answers, do you…?!

Tending to my garden

In the garden of life, we all want vibrant, fragrance rich relationships. And are disappointed if the expectations are not met. For example, roses comes with thorns. However careful we are, we sometimes get caught in the thorn and from then we tend to become more cautious. The rose plant did not change itself. Its stimuli did.

Similarly some relationship lessons leave deep impressions and impacts us a lot, that sometimes diverts our course for the good.

Some are like weeds. Weeds are very good and have medicinal properties. Unknowingly if we chew on a bitter one and think all are bad. Weeds have cycles of harvesting and if we know this, it benefits us. So in this case we need to care for the weeds that will benefit us when the time is right to harvest.

We need to remember, “We sow, is what we reap”. So tend to the garden of thoughts and emotions with more love and discernment.

Talia, taught me to let go

Talia, my pet companion, a very compassionate and sincere being.

The eyes, how can I forget
The love you gave, how can I ever replace
Some decisions in life are tough,
You taught me how to face it with grace

After losing Simba and Bailey, I did not want to adopt another pet. They both travelled with me from USA to India, just the sound of them not being treated properly made me take this decision back in 2005. I did not know much, just took them to the airport and arrangements were made for their travel.

The moment I saw Cupcake in Rogers Animal Shelter, FB post, I knew “he” was coming home. Note the “he” as it was in the post. I just went on a Saturday to meet and greet and decided he is coming home. Tuesday I filled the adoption papers and named him Buddy.

The next day I had to get her from the vet, before visiting I called and I was informed about him being a female. That was a comedy of errors.

Upon picking her up I immediately named her Angel. She made my life bright though initially she was having separation anxiety. My world revolved around her.

I noticed she would not heed to Angel. So I had to change her name. My quest for a unique name, revealed Talia and she immediately turned back, as if she chose the name.

She was not too emotional as Simba, though we would feel comfortable around each other. She would love to walk and swim.

After one and a half years, walking on my path I had to make a difficult choice. The thought itself makes me cry. Just a casual meet and greet with her future family. On that fateful day she did not travel back with me and I was not prepared for it.

She sensed something amiss during the trip. I sometimes lay my right hand on her while driving and could feel her heart beat.

There was silence that day at home, could not hear her howl as if she talks to me describing how her day was. That was my routine as soon as I entered home. Her memories just echoed around. It took me  a week to come out of the emotions, and calmed when I got the confirmation she is happy and is staying adopted.

She was of course holding space for something big. The peace of knowing she is safe and well taken care of is a blessing.

Sometimes what is so dear to us, the joys with them is short-lived. Make sure every second spent is done in love. The memories should bring a smile and bring more joy.

I did her painting on Dec 3rd.

Secrets of the Whispering Heart

Feeling blessed and grateful to receive the first order of the book “Secrets of the Whispering Heart”

This is first in the series of collection of insights that started to flow since April, 2017.

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Here is what Kevin Ryerson : Author of ‘Spirit Communication: The Souls Path’; has to say

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